ADATA SU635 SSD Review

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

A Good Budget Storage Drive. The Solid State Drive (SSD) is no longer nascent in the computer hardware space. Its value transcends size or portability as it is designed to give users an overall better performance. SSDs have not replaced HDDs yet and might within the next 3 years, but they have a lot to offer.

ADATA SU635 SSD Review

The ADATA SU635 is good for gaming with a read/write performance of 520/450mb/s and it is mainly used for desktop computers. It is was created in “recent times” so it has these features: Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) to code errors and ensure data integrity. The ADATA SU625 is an SSD with the next-generation quad-level cell (4 bits per cell) 3D NAND flash technology. It has a few storage capacities: 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1TB, 1.92TB and 2TB. Its form factor is the 2.5-inch drive, which means it uses the SATA interface.

As the world is gradually accepting SSDs, there will be an increase in the number of manufacturers, and this is already evident. Currently, there are a number of manufacturers and this article focuses on highlighting one you can get on a budget “ADATA”. This is an internal SSD, so it is useful for people who want to change their internal disk or build a computer.

ADATA SU635 SSD Features


This SSD gives you the opportunity to increase your PC’s capacity without spending so much i.e., budget device. For instance, the 960GB price tag is a good value and it is the optimal choice for users looking to switch from HDD to SSD.

Better Performance, Less Noise

Like every SSD, the SU635 has no moving parts and this makes it the more resilient option. It can resist shock, vibration, extreme temperatures in comparison to the HDD. These features make it a better fit for data protection.

Also, the design makes it consume less power resulting in little or no noise, if you are not intentionally looking for a sound, one can say it runs silently.

Fixes Errors

The Low-Density Parity Check support provided in this hardware has is designed with a technology that corrects errors. This makes the SU635 a good fit for data integrity as it can detect and fix errors which results in a better lifespan.


If there is anything any SSD is guaranteed to do is boosts performance and the SU635 is no different. This hardware has a performance-boosting combination of SLC caching and a single-level cell NAND flash memory. This is the reason it has a 520/450mb/s read/write speed resulting in a faster download time, file transfer, fast boot time, and overall smooth performance.

Other Features

To install it, you need a migration tool, no worries, this is available on the ADATA website.

Who is the ADATA SU635 SSD for?

This hardware is good, but it is not suitable for all devices as it runs on the SATA III connection so it will only work if your system uses the SATA connection. It is also good for users with high video quality needs as it is a good upgrade from the HDD because it has the capacity to read 4k to a better extent.

Why should you switch from HDD to ADATA SU365 SSD?

What HDD offers

It uses a magnetic material to store information and has a total of 5400rpm and sometimes offers 7200rpm (revolutions per minute). It writes like a needle as the mechanical arm moves a disk head to various sectors of the platters to read and write data.

This process is why users need to defragment the disk to optimize the drive. Although the hard drive is faster than a CD or DVD drive it is still among the slowest components of a computer with a read and writes speed of about 200mb/s

What SSD offers

It stores data on flash memory, this makes it a higher quality and more reliable version of any flash memory i.e., like the one used in a USB flash drive. The SSD has a built-in processor which is referred to as the controller and this component has such good quality that it drastically changes how the drive operates. This change is so significant that it is twice the HDD as seen in the read/write speed of up to 550mb/s.

When you switch to an SSD, the difference is clear, you will start noticing changes from your start up boot time, your shut downtime, and how programs or applications are launched, all these activities will be done with an impeccable speed.

Remember, disk fragmentation and drive optimization? That will no longer be an issue, the SSD optimizes itself just to ensure you always have disk space to maximize your SSD.

Also, when you drop your laptop accidentally you are usually scared of losing data (asides from breaking your screen of course), with the SSD this is not necessarily the case as its read/write mechanism secures data. This does not mean you should drop your laptop intentionally just to try it out, it secures your data, not your laptop!

Why you might be reluctant to switch to an SSD

SSDs are the best, there really is no doubt but there are few reasons why people might be reluctant to get an SSD. The most common is the price, SSDs are expensive, they are way cheaper than when they were first commercialized, but they are still quite expensive when compared to the HDD, but this will change overtime.

The future of SSD

It is important to understand that SSD is the future of storage as more games are released, higher definition videos are created and technology advances, computer users will need a better technology to enjoy their PC and this is what the SSD offers. Whether as an internal or external disk, SSDs overall performance and data protection features make it the best option.

Related Question

How much is the SU635?

It comes in different capacities and each has its price. The 240GB costs $32, 480GB costs $49, 960GB costs $93, 1.92TB costs $200. Please note that all these prices do not have shipping fees included.