Can You Upgrade a Surface Book RAM?

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

Surface Book is a creative workforce. It has exceptional power and versatility, it also happens to be a tablet when the screen is detached from the keyboard. You get 2 tear-downs for the price of one. We want to know if Surface book RAM is upgradable

Can you upgrade a surface book RAM?

If you were expecting to have a yes for this, well it is a No. Surface book RAM is not upgradeable because the RAM is soldered in the motherboard. It can not be removed and switched. You should get a product that has a RAM space of 32GB rather than 8GB or 16GB if you have much workload.

When using a surface book it will surprise you that you can max out your CPU before you do your RAM.

Opening your laptop with one hand is impossible but the Surface book made it a bit easier to do. The hinge is still cool to the stay and is so hypnotizing and mesmerizing to watch. It gets looser over time and it makes a weird e sound when you move the screen up and down.

Features of Surface Book

The design is the center part of the surface book it is simple and beautiful. It looks and feels great the attention to detail is outstanding, the keyboard feels amazing. If you switching from a Macbook pro you will love it.

The scrolling, tracking, and clicking are perfect, there will be no need to grab a mouse at all except for gaming. It has two USB ports, SD card reader, mini display port, and headphone jack in an unfortunate place for laptop mode but in a good place for tablet

The display is a 13.5” pixel sense 3000 × 2000 resolution touch screen display and it is outstanding covers brightness, sharpness, and viewing is perfect. Touch responses are also perfect and there are no problems there at all.

But when tapping display there is a little screen wobble, that is very common amongst all laptop. Near the top of the display the two top speakers sound cool but at higher volumes, they crackle and distort.

Right above the display is a 5mega pixel webcam which and as Microsoft normally is, will log you in with just looking at it, no passwords, no fussing of fingerprint scanners its awesome. On the back there is an 8mega pixel camera, I would not like to see people using it in public.

This camera takes nice shots overall, the display portion separates from the rest of the body with Microsoft detach on the body by hitting a key in the keyboard or on the screen.

As a tablet it feels great on the hand and is good for a task like browsing the web or watching youtube videos when you do this connected you lose out on the screen GPU which in term limits some programs and you are left with the i5 Intel HD integrated graphics, but importantly you lose a lot of battery life.

The surface book has two batteries, one in the tablet portion and one in the keyboard portion. When using the laptop for a day in full brightness, playing games doing some photoshop work, and watching videos will give you about 5 hours of total battery life, while other sources claim about 7 to 10 hrs of their full day of usage

The tablet battery life is quite weak it will last about 2-3 hours which is understandable since it is running a full version.

The surface book was built to replace your laptop it is built off the same components of surface pro 4, it takes most of its design cue from the Surface Pro line as well at least, in its current form.

A new technology, there is an integrated pen, it has 1021 pressure sensitives, which is a lot more than the 256 found on the previous generation, Surface Pro 3. There is the ability to lock the pen to the device.

It is an innovative piece of hardware, an entire PC is now in this extraordinary sleek, almost silent, housing. It does get quite loud though, if you push it, let’s say gaming or doing anything intensive, like running software, that will push this machine, its processor to the edge.

Expectation from Surface Book

It will make noise match the pressure or like work put into it, like any laptop would expect to hear the noise. If it starts making the noise without any running of software or intensive use, it is the drive.

The pairing with dock sometimes attaches properly, then other times it gets confused, forget about the display driver is crashing that seems to be an inherited thing that is Surface Pro 4, sometimes it will recognize your keyboard, sometimes you will have to do a fresh boot.

This is because if you detached it, before doing that fresh boot, you no longer can see the type cover like that bug carries over here and that is why they made a mechanical switch to try and band-aid that.

You have just one power profile for this laptop, you do not have multiple profiles, that is something might love. It is also a clear sign of the manufacturers saying their engineers made it this way and this is the way it has to run.

No bloatware, on this system, it is a clean one. It has the retina or faces recognition combo, there is no fingerprint scanner here. You do not need it with that 5MP front face or combo with the recognition software bundled.

This Surface book has a lot of promise, it has a better battery life and a better GPU, keep in mind that the RAM is not upgradeable, you have to get your selection right the first time

I highly recommend the base model, even if you think you need the GPU, you will be surprised even though it offers twice the performance of integrated graphics on the surface book line or configuration, which is not going to get you a whole lot.

It is a game-changing product that has paved the way for larger form factors, like Surface Pros, how they have mutated and evolved in 2021.