How to Move WoW to Another Drive

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

You have heard so much about SSDs, maybe when you used a friend’s computing device you experienced the boost it gives to a PC’s performance. You searched online, created a budget (maybe you didn’t), and purchased the hardware. Now it is in your PC, how do you move more complex files like games to your new drive?

How to Move WoW to Another Drive

How to Move WoW to another drive-by taking these steps:

Step 1: Find your game’s location and move it

  • Open your primary drive i.e., “C:” or any letter it has been labelled as.
  • There you will find a folder labelled “Program files (x86)
  • Open it and copy the game’s folder
  • Paste folder in your SSD

Step 2: Change launch location

  • Launch the software
  • Open the WoW game
  • Navigate to the game settings by clicking the “options” tab
  • Click the “Game install/update tab on the left
  • There you will find the “use different folder” option
  • Change it to the new location of your folder

After taking the steps above, you can launch the game. You can also delete the WoW folder in the old location to give your disk space.

Move WoW to Another Drive – Third Party Tool

If moving WoW as stated above seems stressful, you can take an easier route by using a third-party tool to move the game folder. A popular tool is the EaseUs Todo PC Trans which helps with moving files, software games and other things on your PC seamlessly.

To get started, download the from their official site, then install, before we go any further this software is not free and it is software that requires an annual subscription so might not be the best option to go for if you just want to transfer a single game.

You can check out their website to see if your needs are compatible with its other feature to decide if it is worth the purchase.

Now, if you decide to get this tool, you can complete your move using these steps:

  • Launch the app
  • Choose the “App Migration Option” on the left tab
  • Choose the World of Warcraft (WoW) game
  • Choose your desired location on the new drive
  • Then start

Note: The EaseUs tool also has a “PC to PC” transfer option.

Move WoW to Another Drive- Starting Over

The steps given earlier fall in either the manual or automated (not really, just less manual than the first) category. Let us look at a method that does not require you to move files or install a new software. Starting over, yes, and the only process required is simple, uninstall the game and reinstall it on your new drive and you are good to go.

Remember, before you install it on your new drive, delete all WoW related folders that might still be in the old disk.

Move WoW to Another Drive- HDD

There are a few features that make HDDs less appealing for games especially triple A games, these features make gaming on HDD a little less satisfying for gamers. The hard drive is designed with plates that move while the read/write process is going on making it slow, this makes the disk defragment and divide data in various segments of the disk and sometimes leaves duplicates.

Another drawback is that having rugged mobile lifestyle is not always suitable for an HDD as its design makes it susceptible to damage owing to accidental drops, shocks, vibrations and more leading to data loss. All these drawbacks do not mean that HDD has no use for games.

The HDD has served gamers for years and what it lacks in performance it makes up for with affordable storage size and lifespan (dependent on maintenance).

If you purchase an HDD with large size to move World of Warcraft you will still enjoy gaming but for the Shadowland pack, there might be some lags especially when you are playing with other gamers online.

Move Wow to Another Drive- SSD

The major limitation of using an SSD as your storage space is the size to price ratio. Ideally, a gamer that wants to enjoy an SSD should go for a minimum of 1TB.

On a budget, 512GB is okay but too many triple A games will not fit as you must ensure your disk is not filled past 80% of its capacity.

Asides being part of the recommended requirements, SSD is a preferable option because it improves load time of apps, boot time of an operating system. They are designed with NAND technology, and they use flash memory making activities on a PC smooth and fast.

SSD also runs silently and does not generate as much heat as the HDD will do when “heavy” activities like gaming happen on a PC.

Move WoW to Another Drive- Choosing the Right SSD

SSD has two major different form factors; one can accommodate either SSD or HDD while the other accommodates only SSD. The first is the 2.5-inch drive, designed to fit solid-state or hard disk drive, it is running on the SATA III interface.

The best way to truly enjoy this form factor is to get one that has both the NVMe and PCIe, this way you will truly enjoy the improved speed an SSD gives a computing system.

The second form factor is the m.2 drives, they already use a PCIe connection, and the more lanes means increased speed i.e., PCIe x 4 is faster than PCIe x 2. An m.2 with PCIe, NVMe gives you more than three times the speed of the 2.5” drive combination earlier described.

For World of Warcraft, the 2.5-inch drive is thoroughly sufficient but if purchasing an m.2 drive can fit into your budget, getting it will be valuable for other games you will add to your PC as you might not play only WoW on your PC.

How much disk space do I need for WoW?

The latest pack Shadowlands is 100GB. You need at least an additional 50GB of space if that is the only game you want to play with the drive.