How to replace Xbox 360 hard drive with SSD

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

Replacing components in a device is not only restricted to replacing parts that are damaged or outdated, but it can also be a way to boost the performance of the PC without purchasing a new one so it can be referred to as a “budget approach” to improving your experience on said device.

How to replace Xbox 360 hard drive with SSD

Replace Xbox 360 hard drive with SSD by taking the most important step which is purchasing an SSD (one with M.2 drive preferably), once you have done that then take these steps:

Step 1 – Remove the hard drive:

  • Unscrew the Xbox, start with the back cover then the screws inside
  • Disconnect the cable from the RF port
  • Now, flip it over and remove the front cover, unscrew, and remove the case
  • Disconnect the power and cable, then remove the hard drive

Step 2 – Inserting your SSD:

When you buy your SSD, buy an enclosure that will fit into your Xbox, not just size but the interface, once you have that ready, take these steps:

  • Insert your SSD into your desired compatible enclosure
  • Screw it, do not skip any screws
  • Once you have closed it properly, take step 3

Step 3 – Installing your SSD into the Xbox:

  • Connect the interface cable (most likely SATA) to your new SSD drive
  • Put the attached SSD back in the console
  • Put the parts back together without skipping any screws

Moving hard drive content hard drive

When you buy a new SSD to replace your hard drive, there definitely will be content in your old drive you would like to move to the new one. There is no need to do this manually i.e., copying content via a PC into a USB then using it on your Xbox there are a few ways you can do this transfer seamlessly.

For this article we will just look at two ways, using a third-party app to transfer few files and cloning disk.

Content Transfer with Third party tool

There are various applications for moving the content from one disk type to another. This number of options comes with a price as not every tool is trustworthy, some are not efficient, some are just too slow, and others can be a tool for hackers to get into your PC with ransomware and other types of viruses.

A popular tool that is trusted is the EaseUs Todo PC Trans, like a lot of EaseUs tools, this one is efficient. This version of the software helps with moving files, software games and other things from one disk type to another via a PC seamlessly, it also has a “PC to PC” transfer option.

The first step in using this software is downloading it, this download can be done easily on their official site. Once the download is done, the step is to initiate an installation, (please note that this effective tool comes at a price as it a software that requires an annual subscription so might not be the best option to go for if you want to transfer just this one time).

You can check out their website to see if your needs are compatible with its other feature to decide if it is worth the purchase.

Now, if you decide this tool is worth the money, you can complete your move using these steps:

  • Launch the app
  • Choose the “App Migration Option” on the left tab
  • Choose the games you want to transfer to your new drive
  • Choose your desired location on the new drive
  • Then start

Cloning Disk with Third party tool

The first option is your go to if for some reason, you just want only games from your hard drive. However, if you purchased the disk and you want to transfer all your files to the new disk including your OS, i.e., you want to make a total transfer, cloning your disk is a fast method to achieve your goal.

For this process, you need a hardware that can serve as an external connector for your new drive and old drive.

When you purchase an SSD, one of the many advantages is that some have a free migration like Samsung or Western Digital but if you did not get those brands, there is a popular free tool that can clone your disk seamlessly. EaseUs Todo also offers this service but let us look at a reliable cloning tool that is free.

The Macrium Reflect is a free tool that works for both HDD and SSD. Download the software, i.e., free home version, install it then follow these steps:

Step 1: Data Backup

Backing up data is essential as you do not want to risk an error erasing your data, to backup you can:

  • Use an ISO file and save it to a disk, USB Drive, or an external disk drive
  • Use a third-party software

Once you are done with that, you can begin the cloning process. Remember, you should get a drive that has more space than your current drive, this makes data transfer easier as it saves you the hassle of deciding which files to delete.

Step 2: Clone the disk

  • Launch the Macrium Reflect
  • There will be a list of drives, click the drive you want to clone
  • Select the “Clone this disk” option
  • Choose your new connected disk as your destination drive
  • If your new drive has a bigger storage than the old one, click the cloned partition properties
  • Expand the drive to fill the space
  • Start the process

It takes a while, so you can leave your PC plugged in and do other things till the process is done. Then put your new drive in your PC. If this process is posing any difficulty, please seek help from a person that can handle computer hardware so you will not damage the disk.

Damaged Hard Drive

If you are replacing your drive because the old one is damaged, the first two options are not for you. For a damaged drive, after putting the SSD in your console using the steps in the second subheading, take these steps:

  • Open the Xbox support page,
  • Follow the instructions, download system upgrade into a USB (format to FAT),
  • Copy it your USB drive using a PC,
  • Plug it in your console and do an offline system update,
  • Set up and sign into your Microsoft account and you are good to go.

This is also applicable if you cannot be bothered to do any transfer as it appears stressful.