RCA 5 Digit Remote Codes

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 24, 2022

RCA 5 Digit Remote Codes are a unique and reliable way to program your TV. By using these codes, you can change the channel, set a timer, or even change the video quality. RCA 5 Digit Remote Codes are a must-have for any TV owner.

Introduction: What Is a Remote Code?

A remote code is a computer program that is executed remotely. This means that the program is not executed on the computer that is running the application, but instead on a separate computer or device that is connected to the network.

This type of program can be used to install new applications, make changes to an existing application, or fix a problem that has been encountered on the computer that is running the application.

There are different types of code, but the most common type is remote code. A remote code is a code that is not live, ad instead is sent over a communication medium such as email or chat. This type of code can be used for tasks that are not possible on the live system.

What Are the Remote Codes Used For?

One of the most important remote codes used in telecommunications is the international telephone key code (ITK). This code is used to identify a specific phone number in another country.

The ITK can be found on the back of a telephone certificate and is usually paneled near the exterior of the handset.

Nevertheless, the remote codes used for many computer systems are not well known. They can be used to unlock doors, disable alarms, and even reset passwords. There are a variety of remote codes that can be used, depending on the system. Some remote codes are easy to remember, while others are more difficult to use.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Remote Code?

There are many benefits to using a remote code. Some of these benefits include: 

– Increased productivity because the code is not shared with the team. 

– Reduced time spent on tasks that would normally be given to a full-time employee. 

– Increased accuracy and stability as the code is written by someone who understands it well.

– It’s easy to add new features to the system if needed.

– It’s easy to make minor changes to the code, as long as they are not too drastic.

– A quick and easy way to share a feature with other developers in the company, without having them be aware of it.

Difference Between GE and RCA Remotes

GE and RCA remote controls are two of the most common types of remote controls used in homes and businesses. They are both different in how they work, but they have some common features.

GE remote controls are designed for use with a television or movie system, while RCA remote controls can be used with various other devices.

Also, there are a few key differences between GE and RCA remote controls. First, GE remote controls are typically more sensitive and respond more quickly to touch than RCA remote controls.

Additionally, GE remote controls offer a wider range of motion, making them better suited for specific tasks such as changing channel or turning up the music.

The Challenges of Using a Remote Code?

The challenges of using a remote code are many and depend on the specific circumstances. If the code is executed on a remote device, there is a higher chance for it to be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, if the code is executed from outside of the company’s control, it can result in loss of data or data security breaches.

RCA 5 Digit Remote Codes




11262, 11276, 11341, 11523




10812, 10766, 10814


10093, 11602






10587, 10870, 10871


10171, 11271, 11314




11144, 11240, 11331

Techview 10847


10845, 11656


10857, 10864, 10885, 11330, 11578


10864, 10885, 11756, 11758


10885, 10889, 10890, 11282, 11577




In conclusion, the RCA 5 Digit Remote Codes may be the answer to your codes and remote problems. By using these codes, you can easily access your computer or another device from a distance.