RCA Home Theater Remote Codes

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 24, 2022

RCA Home Theater Remote Codes;

The remote codes for a home theater system are an important part of the overall installation. They allow the user to change settings, start and stop play, and access other features of the system without having to go into each individual component.

There are many different remote codes available, so it is important to find one that matches your specific home theater system.

Introduction: What Is a Remote Code?

Code is a language that can be written in any location. It’s like a playbook for your brain. A remote code is a code that is written over the internet and executed by someone else, such as a computer program. This type of code is often used for special projects or tasks that are difficult to do on-site.

A remote code is a program that is run from a remote location, typically on a computer located in another country. This type of code can be used to exploit a vulnerability in the software or to launch an attack from a distance.

What Are Home Theaters

Home theaters are the perfect way to watch movies without having to leave your comfortable living room. There are a variety of different types of theaters available, from big box theaters to small theatergoers. Whether you’re a movie lover or just want to watch a few films with friends, home theaters are a great option.

Home theaters are all about living in the moment and enjoying a movie with friends or family. While there are many different types of home theaters, all share one common goal: to provide an experience that is unique and memorable.

What Are the Remote Codes Used For?

The use of remote codes has become increasingly popular in the IT industry as it allows for more flexibility when it comes to communication.

By using different remote codes, businesses can control various aspects of their operations from different locations. More often than not, these codes are used for technical support or to ensure that specific tasks are carried out by someone who is authorized to do so.

How Can You Generate a Remote Code?

There are a few ways to generate a remote code step by step. One way is to use the command line tool, Cmd.exe, which is included with Windows. Another way is to use the software development tools, such as Visual Studio and CodeBlocks, which are available for free. Finally, you can use a code scanner to find and execute the code you need to create a remote control.

Tips for Maintaining a Home Theatre?

Home theatre enthusiasts have many ways to enjoy their movies and television shows, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what things to keep in storage so that they can be used when needed.

One easy way to keep your home theatre essentials organized is to keep a library of DVDs and Blu-rays in your home. This will help you plan appearances of your favorite shows and movies, and will also make it easier to find any titles you may need when you want them.

Meanwhile, when it comes to enjoying your home theatre, there are a few things you can do to ensure its continued success. One of the most important things you can do is keep your entertainment systems clean and free of debris.

This will help reduce glare and reflections from objects in your room, which will make watching your favorite shows more enjoyable. Additionally, make sure to keep all cords and plugs safe and out of reach so that they cannot be pulled out by a disgruntled family member or pet.

RCA Home Theater Remote Codes

For Audio based system-1254, 2154, 1913

For video based system-1022, 1060, 1132

Other Home Theater Remote Codes

BOSE Home Theater

01106, 01180, 01376, 01254, 00476, 00276, 00810 

4-Digit Universal List








1907, 1908, 1909, 1910




0790, 1913



3-Digit Universal List




240, 163, 191, 114, 266


026, 066, 145, 146, 181, 190, 197, 192, 182, 199, 151, 222, 180


086, 164, 152, 208


242, 243, 204


032, 195, 219, 177


249, 250, 251, 063


010, 048, 117, 156, 067




In conclusion, it is important to remember that you can use any code to change your home theater remote control. By following these simple steps, you can easily change the default settings on your remote control and improve your experience without having to go through complicated instructions.