RCA Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 20, 2022

RCA Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit is a list of codes that allow for the replacement and/or programming of remotes.

This list can be used by technicians to fix or program their remote controls, and by homeowners who want to change the settings on their TV or other devices. This code list is easy to follow and includes codes for the most popular brands of remotes.

Introduction: What Is a Universal Remote Code?

A universal remote code is a code that can be used to control any device in a household. This code can be found on devices like televisions, air conditioners, and home security systems. By using a universal remote code, you can easily change or change the settings on these devices without having to go through individual devices.

Also, by using this code, you can control your TV or other devices with ease. universal remote codes are often found at electronics stores and could also be pre-loaded onto older TVs.

How To Find a Universal Remote Code?

If you are looking for a universal remote code, you will need to know what the different types are and how to find them. There are a variety of different remote codes available, so it is important to choose the one that is right for your needs.

Here are some tips on how to find a universal remote code: 

1. Look online for websites that sell universal remote codes. This will give you a list of different codes that you can use. 

2. Look for a website that sells online or in stores that uses the codes you are looking for.

3. Search for the code associated with your brand of television, such as Samsung or Vizio.

4. Look for online retailers that sell universal remote codes. They may have a wider variety of codes available than the ones sold in stores, so you have more options.

5. Look for websites that sell universal remote codes by brand names, such as Samsung or Vizio.

Codes for the Different Brands of Remotes

Remotes come in all shapes and sizes, and the codes for them vary depending on the brand. But there are some basic principles that always apply.

For example, the remote control for a TV should have the same code as the TV itself. And the remote control for a stereo should have the same code as the stereo itself.

Tips on How To Use Your Universal Remote

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one remote control in your home. But if you’re not sure how to use them, it’s time to learn.

Here are five tips on how to use your remote control: 

1. Change the channel on your remote. Most remotes have three channels – one for the media room, one for the kitchen, and one for the bedroom.

2. Point your remote where you want to watch TV.

3. Press the “E” button on your remote to select a channel, then press “A” to change it.

4. Press the “B” button to switch from the main TV channel to the sub-channel, then press “E” or “B” again to go back.

5. Press the “E” or “B” button on your remote repeatedly until you find a program that you want to watch.

RCA Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit


0812, 1675, 0702, 1935


1365, 1589, 2014, 2087, 2479

Apex Digital

0748, 0765, 1217, 2397


0451, 0802, 1766,1769, 1868, 2121


1634, 2306, 2315, 2344, 2345, 2348

Commercial Solutions

1447, 0000


0463, 0178, 0171


1463, 2049, 2184


1864, 0451, 0463, 0178, 0171, 1661, 1394, 1665, 1963


1547, 1447, 0000, 0051, 0451, 0178


0171, 1665, 1963, 2167


0748, 1660, 2098, 2355


1454, 1866, 1755, 0054, 0051, 0171, 0802, 1365, 1856, 1963


1250, 0093, 0150, 0178


1480, 0250, 1457, 0051, 1291, 2264


1454, 1866, 0054, 1744, 1856, 2372, 2374


1523, 0765, 1276, 1498, 1687, 1766, 1769, 2121


1547, 1447, 0000, 0051, 0093, 1661, 1781, 2187, 2247, 2434


In conclusion, the RCA Universal Remote Codes List 4 Digit is a list of codes that can be used to control devices from a remote distance.

This list can be helpful for those who want to manage their devices from a distance, and can also be useful for those who are unfamiliar with the codes.