Samsung PM1725a SSD Review

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

The Samsung PM1725a is a minor upgrade to the PM1725 NVME SSD drive. It is targeted at the server and array vendors and it is available in different capacities with the storage option maxing out at 6.4 TB. The SSD drive is a great performer and it uses Samsung’s 48-layer TLC V-NAND flash memory and Samsung’s in-house controller.

 It has five years warranty that is usual with all the other Samsung SSD drives. In terms of endurance, it has a rating of five drive writes per day in addition to the already long warranty.

The SSD drive is available in two form factors 2.5 and edge card form factors. It is designed for demanding enterprise works it is specifically designed to protect data in-flight if there is a power failure while it’s working.

In this comprehensive review, we will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the Samsung SM863 as the best SSD drive for you. read on for its key features as well as pointers for selecting the best SSD card for your laptop.

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Why you need the Samsung PM1725a for your laptop

An SSD card otherwise known as a solid-state drive is a computer data storage device that uses flash memory chips and it doesn’t have moving parts. It keeps data safe and performs faster than HDD (hard disk drive). If your laptop doesn’t have an SSD drive then you are missing out on fast performance and a number of other features that will save your time.

 An SSD drive doesn’t have any moving parts so data stored inside will be safe even when it falls to the ground. Because there are no moving parts inside an SSD it won’t come up with any mechanical problems. Laptops that rely on HDD drives have to supply energy to the card before it works.

A laptop that uses an SSD drive wouldn’t sacrifice any power to in order to service the SSD drive because it doesn’t come with a motor like we find inside an HDD drive.

 A laptop that uses an SSD drive has faster read and write speeds than a laptop that uses HDD. there is the need for an HDD drive to spin before it works and it slows down the read and write speed. An SSD drive uses flash memory chip and data read and write speeds happen instantly and that’s why it is fast.

Maybe you have heard some weird noises when carrying out a graphic demanding task on your laptop well sometimes it’s the HDD drive inside your laptop.

Using an SSD card like the Samsung PM1725a guarantees almost zero noise because we don’t have any parts moving. It also generates less heat an SSD drive is better if you want your workflow to be faster.

Selecting the Best SSD drive for your laptop   

The SSD drive comes in a 2.5-inch NVMe form factor it has tantalum capacitors that helps with power loss protection. incase there is a power loss the capacitor provides enough energy to write to flash any data that currently cached in DRAM. The maxed-out variant has 6.4 terabytes of storage and it uses Samsung’s 48-layer TLC V NAND flash.

The SSD drive has a sequential read and write speed of around 6200MBps and 2600MBps which is decent. in terms of 4K read and write speed the Solid-State Drive delivers between 1000K and 180K IOPS respectively.

These stats are for the edge card form factor and if you decide to go for the 2.5 form factor the stats are a little bit different. In terms of read and write speed the 2.5 SSD drive form factors has a sequential read and write speed of 3300MBps and 3000MBps. For the 4K the 2.5 SSD drive delivers 800K and 160K read and write speed respectively.

The PM125a is designed for demanding enterprise usage and all the features it comes with is specially for this use case. it has the ability to protect data inflight during an unplanned power failure, the Solid-State drive use energy stored by its tantalum capacitors to transfer cached data in the DRAM to the drive.

If you have an enterprise this is a solid-state drive that you can depend on for consistent high performance. the additional power loss protection is also a huge reason why you need this SSD card for your enterprise.

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Here are 6 key points for selecting the Samsung PM1725a for your laptop


Samsung used their in-house V-NAND flash memory inside the PM1725a. The V-NAND flash memory is a cell layer stacking technology where multiple flash memory cell layers are stacked vertically and 3-dimesionally on a single NAND chip.

It is different from the normal NAND flash memory that we are used to seeing inside an SSD drive. It performs a little bit faster than the regular NAND flash memory.

Power Loss Protection

The SSD drive has power loss protection and this is one of the biggest reasons why you need the SSD drive if you own an enterprise. It has some tantalum capacitors that powers it incase there is a sudden power loss. The power saved by the capacitors are now used to transfer cached data in the DRAM to the drive.

Consistent High Performance

The Samsung PM1725a delivers when it comes to performance. it has a great read and write speed depending on the form factor that is suitable for your laptop. the SSD drive also delivers in terms of 4KB reads and write speeds. It is surely one of the best SSD cards for enterprise usage.


The solid-state drive comes with a five-year warranty which is great. if during the course of five years while using the SSD drive you encounter any difficulties Samsung can replace the SSD card for you.

However, you need to beware of keeping everything intact including the stickers and package that the SSD drive came with. You never can tell when you might want to claim your warranty.

High Memory Capacity

Samsung fitted more memory into the V-NAND chip and it provided for more capacities and you get a 6.4 terabyte storage capacity as a result. Depending on the task and applications you run other storage options include 800 GB, 1.6 TB, and 3.2 TB

Good Build Quality

The SSD drive has a matte finish and it is cold to the touch it is very solid and durable. It will survive accidental falls as well. It has four screws and the NVMe slot is at the front and there are some stickers at the front. The build quality of the SSD drive has to be complimented because of its durability.

A closer look at the Samsung PM1725a

The PM1725a is specifically made for enterprise environments it was designed to operate 24/7 and a whole year round. The SSD drive has low latency with top level performance.  it will also protect data and it comes with a high-end encryption.

The Solid-state drive looks like most of the other SSD drives that are made by Samsung. It comes in a metal body with a sticker at the top of the SSD drive. We have all the specifications and necessary details including warranty on the sticker.

There are four screws holding the SSD drive together and when installed in a laptop or desktop there are additional four screws that would be used to mount it firmly.

The Samsung PM1725a is a great performer and it is powered by an in-house Samsung controller.  It has similar features with the Samsung SM863a SSD that we talked about earlier.

They share looks but the PM1725a is only built for enterprise while the SM863a can go for enterprise usage as well as small and medium use. Samsung enterprise SSD drive are some of the best in class because of their consistent performance and five-year warranty. Samsung also add important features that are needed at enterprise level.

About the Samsung PM1725a manufacturers

Samsung is one of the largest technology conglomerates in the world with its headquarters in Samsung town Seoul. It comprises of numerous affiliate businesses with most of them united under the Samsung brand name. the brand is the largest South Korean business Conglomerate and as of 2020, Samsung was the 8th highest brand in the world in terms of value. They are one of biggest smartphone and electronics makers in the world as well as a number of other products that includes SSD drives.

Product Specifications and Features

Form Factor – 2.5 inch, HHHL

Controller – Samsung Mercury

Storage Options – 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.2TB, and 6.4TB

NAND – Samsung 2-bit V-NAND

Interface – NVMe

Warranty – Up to 5 years

Dimension – 69.85 x 100.20 x 14.80 mm or 69.90 x 167.65 x 18.71 mm depending on form factor

Weight – 190 or 330 grams depending on form factor

Description of the Samsung PM1725a

The Samsung PM1725a NVMe SSD with V-NAND technology is an ideal solution for servers that need enhanced data reliability to safeguard critical data. From optimized performance and high quality of service, to power loss protection and end-to-end data protection.

They deliver a highly reliable enterprise storage solution using the SATA interface. The Samsung PM1725a SSD features a 2.5 and edge form factor with a SATA interface, making it easy to upgrade your SSDs within your existing infrastructure. And the SSD is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Pros of the Samsung PM1725a

Consistent Performance -the SSD drive has the ability to perform consistently without any drop in the level of performance. it has a V-NAND memory flash that is fast the SSD drive also has some component that keeps performance leveled up. It was specially made with enterprises because of the level of consistency in performance.

Low Latency – the Samsung PM1725a has super low latency in loading software’s and keeping up with some demanding task. It is suitable for running for a long while without having any issues. It has some tantalum capacitors that reserve energy in case of power loss and transfer data from the DRAM to the flash memory.

High Storage Options – one of the most exciting things about the Samsung PM1725a is that it comes with numerous storage options. This is one major reason why the SSD drive is suitable for enterprise purposes. The highest storage option is 6.4 terabytes other storage options include 800 GB, 1.6 TB, ad 3.2 TB.

Reliable and Durable – the SSD drive comes with five years warranty and it has the ability to work for two million hours according to Samsung. It has a very good build that further protects your data and files inside the solid-state drive.

Cons of the Samsung PM1725a

Lacks Software Support – the lack of software support is another problem as you can’t modify the Solid-State Drive. It only has 256-bit encryption that is built in without a software which is a problem for me.

You will also get protection against accidental power loss which is great. With a software you will be able to monitor the State of the SSD drive easily and even make changes to the PM1725a.


Will this work inside a MacBook?

Yes, the SSD drive is compatible with macOS and would work across the various Apple Products.

Can this SSD drive be used for Gaming?

The Samsung PM1725a was specifically made for enterprise usage. You might be able to run some games with it but it won’t be as solid as an SSD that was optimized for gaming performance.

Does the Samsung PM1725a work for video editing?

Yes, the SSD drive will work if you want to use it for video editing. The major issue with using this SSD for editing content is the price. There are a number of cheaper options available that are designed for video editing.

Rounding Up

The Samsung PM1725a is a high performance NVMe SSD drive that is specially made for data centers. It comes in two form factors that include 2.5 inch and HHHL. It has high storage capacities and this is because of the stuffs that the SSD drive was made for.

The five-year warranty is the added icing on this great NVMe SSD drive. If you have a data center that needs an SSD that can be relied upon then this one right here will serve you well.