SSD Solution: A Real Fiat Money Cleaner or a Scam?

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

Fraudsters have and will always be a menace to society. From looking for victims on the internet, in shops and other places that require some form of exchange, there really is no limit to their reach. It is no surprise that their antics are extended to fiat money but does this mean SSD solution is not real? This article will shed light on the issue.

SSD solution

It is believed to be a chemical compound that is made up of Sulphated Ash, sulphuric acid H2SO4, Sodium chloride NaCI. It removes excess stain from any currency. A chemical with this function is powerful and possess a risk to the legal authority as some stained currencies are marked for the purpose of making said money useless to a criminal.

This solution is considered legal when used by the government, other people that want to use this chemical need some king of legal authority or permission. Although, this SSD solution has been described as a chemical that removes excessive stain, a major reason why this solution is used is for cleaning money stained in black also referred to as “black money”.

There are a few companies online that offer these services. While there might be a few videos on how to make yours, the chemical composition of this which includes Mercury Mercuric Nitric Dioxide requires the expertise laboratory technicians and a certified company to create an effective solution.

These sites have articles dedicated to the utilisation of their chemical, some even have the chemical composition and the exact measures required to make a chemical they have stated earlier as illegal to have without a legal permission, it is really something.

Enter the Scam

People have lamented that the SSD solution is nothing but a big scam. This is how it goes, people purchase counterfeit notes, stain it in black and lie that this was done to avoid visibility by customs. These people then give the money to their victims telling them there is an easy solution then they advertise the SSD solution.

It is all part of an elaborate scam, so they cut papers in size of a currency dip it in back dye and smuggled into the country in a sack. Obviously, the victim must be convinced so these people will take real money and dip them in glue and iodine and that’s the first stage. Then these perpetrators ask the victim for money to purchase the chemical needed to clean the “remaining” cash in the sack, once they receive this money, they “vanish”.

Another version that reigned in England, was the excess money theory. This version involved criminals taking a dyed paper cut into a currency shape and showing it to potential victims, telling them that when money is printed in the mint, there are sometimes excess. To dispose these excess notes, the mint company cancels them by turning them black before burning them.

To give it some legitimacy, these people demonstrate the cleaning of the note, which is usually a lower denomination maybe 10 pounds, then there are options. A popular one is the solution which you must soak the currency in over night in a tub or a roller which takes off the dirt in one swipe. Seeing as the latter is more labour intensive, people will collect a “wad of black cash” and buy a solution to clean it off. The “black cash” is sold with a solution which is sometimes vitamin c, water, and cider

Still in doubt?

There is more evidence to support that this is more likely a scam than not because well known sites that sell this solution also sell counterfeit currency notes. What are the odds that a site that sells a chemical solution for cleaning “genuine currency” also sells counterfeit currency? It is a joke really; the scam is too obvious at this point.

Does SSD Solution Exist?

With all these things we have pointed out, does it mean that an SSD solution does not exist? The short answer is yes. From all indications and news surrounding it, SSD solution is more of a scam than an actual thing. Remember the definition? A chemical that cleans a currency and is available to only legal authority. Well, it is better you get your stained cash to the legal authorities to clean it up than play into the trap of these scammers.

A major reason you will not feel comfortable taking your stained currency to a legal authority to have it swapped or cleaned is because you cannot defend the source because when you earn money legally and it gets stained, your first thought will be to proffer a legal solution.

Tips to spot a scam

Too good to be true: That saying “when something is too good to be true, it probably is” comes to play here. Just think about it for a second, how can someone with a bag of black cash and a chemical that can clean it up willing give it to you for a price that is unbelievable? How can someone show you a “bag of money” and ask you to bring a little money just to get a chemical and they will split the money with you? You must think on these things before you become a victim.

Encourages your greed: everyone has some level of greed; some people have just tried, and they keep trying to suppress theirs or have trained themselves to ensure it does not come to play when decisions are being made. SSD solution encourages your greed, a large amount of money that is made available to you so easy that the lottery has nothing on it, is just too greedy.

Research: Researching can save you a lot of headache, if you hear or you are told about a thing, you need to do your research, ask around, use logic over feelings because greed can be hiding in there, just do your own little version of “due diligence”.

Is it possible that there is a chemical out there that can clean stained currency? Possibly, but SSD solution is not it.