Westinghouse TV Remote Codes

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 24, 2022

Westinghouse TV Remote Codes;

There are a few ways to add universal remote codes to your Westinghouse TV. One way is to find a programming guide online.

Another option is to go to your Insignia TV’s on-screen menu and select “System Preferences.” From there, you can select the “Remote” tab and add the codes you want to use.

Introduction: What Is a Westinghouse TV

Westinghouse Electric Company is a multinational conglomerate that manufactures, sells and services television sets, receivers, TVs, and other electronics products. The company was founded in 1895 and its products have been used in many countries around the world.

In 2009, Westinghouse merged with Japanese electronics company Sony Corporation to form Sony Corp. Westinghouse also manufactures home appliances and other consumer electronics products.

These TVs were known for their sturdy construction and features that made them very user-friendly. Westinghouse TVs are still popular in today’s society, and they can be found in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Pros and Cons of Using Remote Codes for TV

TV has become an increasingly popular medium with people all over the world. One of the benefits of using remote codes for TV is that you can change channels and watch your favorite shows without having to get up and look around.

However, there are some drawbacks to using remote codes for TV. One major drawback is that it can be hard to track down the source of a particular program if you lose your remote.

TV remote codes are a popular way to change TV channels and programs. However, there are some cons to using remote codes for TV. First, many people find them difficult to use.

Second, some people find them dangerous because they can be used to control TV settings without having the TV connected to a power outlet.

Third, remote codes can cause minors to become engaged in television programming without their parents or guardians knowing. Finally, remote codes can be pricey and may not be easy to maintain.

Difference Between GE and RCA Universal Remote Codes

The GE and RCA universal remote codes are two different types of remote codes. GE remote codes are typically older style code books while RCA remote codes are newer style code books. The difference between the two codes can be significant when programming a television or other electronic device.

GE universal remote codes are specific to a model and manufacturer while RCA universal remote codes can work with any device that has a CAB Radio interface.

Tips for Maintaining a Westinghouse TV

TV technology has come a long way since its introduction in the early 1960s. In recent years, there have been advancements in TV design and construction that have made it easier to maintain your equipment. Here are a few tips to help you keep your Westinghouse TV running smoothly:

1. Make sure all cords are properly connected – Make sure all cords are properly connected to your TV and your equipment.

2.Keep your batteries charged and in good condition. Keep your batteries charged and in good condition.

3. Disconnect all power cords when not in use. When not in use, disconnect the power cord from the TV to prevent electrical shock.

4. Keep the TV and its accessories clean. Keep the TV and its accessories clean.

5. Protect your Westinghouse TV against scratches, dents, and dust damage. Protect your Westinghouse TV against scratches, dents, and dust damage.

Westinghouse TV Remote Codes

3-Digit Code List

  1. 003
  2. 795
  3. 797
  4. 500
  5. 697
  6. 553
  7. 808
  8. 551
  9. 574
  10. 652
  11. 531
  12. 516
  13. 072
  14. 107
  15. 513
  16. 575
  17. 097
  18. 794
  19. 856
  20. 798
  21. 809

4-Digit Code List

  • 1489
  • 0885
  • 0143
  • 3411
  • 1430
  • 1300
  • 0890
  • 1216
  • 1454
  • 5781
  • 1027
  • 1336
  • 1367
  • 1712
  • 5054
  • 5237
  • 1036
  • 4797
  • 0114
  • 1146
  • 3241

5-Digit Code List

  • 13382
  • 13470
  • 11577
  • 11712
  • 12499
  • 19016
  • 12824
  • 10885
  • 12536
  • 12195
  • 10463
  • 10889
  • 13579
  • 11300
  • 13949
  • 12293
  • 13094
  • 10890
  • 112821


In conclusion, Westinghouse TV remote codes can be used to control your TVs from anywhere in the house. By using the in this article, you can keep your entertainment system running smoothly and without worry.