Should I get an SSD for my gaming laptop?

by Paul | Last Updated: July 5, 2022

The function of an SSD is very vital in the way your game loads and works, it could improve your gaming performance in one way or the other, so it is usually a very good idea to make use of an SSD.

Should I get an SSD for my gaming laptop? Do they improve FPS?

Getting an SSD for your gaming laptop, is without a doubt, a great decision if you want your laptop to load your games faster and better, however, getting an SSD because you want improvement in FPS isn’t such a great idea since that’s not the job of the SSD. If you’re leaning towards improving FPS, you have better chances of doing that with a GPU instead of banking on an SSD.

Getting an SSD will definitely do your gaming laptop a lot of good, even though it isn’t functional in the FPS department, it has a lot of ways that could help you improve your entire gaming experience.

With an SSD, you could definitely gain faster access to the data stored on the drive, this means that you don’t have to be disturbed by any form of lagging whatsoever, storing your game on your SSD is also a huge help if you want the best gaming outcome.

It will give you the speed you need to open your game without any time wastage at all, it could also be of great help when it comes to saving your game, loading the game, and at all, its various levels.

There are so many reasons why you should get an SSD, unfortunately, improving your FPS isn’t part of it. You will need the SSD for your OS, your gaming, and other applications as well, and you can count on improving the overall performance you get from your gaming laptop.

There’s a separation when it comes to SSDs and FPS, these are two entirely different ballparks and there’s no interrelation between the two, except in extremely rare cases where there might be just a tiny improvement.

Why Should You Get An SSD to improve FPS?

If you have issues that relate to framerate issues, then a solid-state drive isn’t going to give you the exact fix you need, there are so many other reasons why getting an SSD is ultimately a good idea for your gaming laptop.

One main reason is that installing your games on an SSD will drastically improve the load times, it will lead to the reduction in load times and this is all thanks to the data transfer speed you’re getting from the SSD.

There are so many improvements to gain from having an SSD or your gaming laptop, you could install your operating system on the solid-state drive and you will have a desktop or laptop that is a lot faster when you boot it.

It will also speed up basically every aspect of your storage, you could get access to data and files a lot faster, you could load the games on your SSD a lot faster, and so many more other things.

It could also help prevent your game from having any form of hitches or lagging when you’re playing a game, and that is ultimately a free ticket into the best gaming experience possible, without any speed issues.

How To Improve FPS for gaming

If you’re looking for a way to improve your FPS, getting an SSD is not the way to go, frame rates improvement will only depend on what CPU and GPU you have on your system to run a particular game.

Updating the GPU and drivers of your laptop is certainly the ultimate way to achieve the high FPS you want, it is very effective and it is definitely the most important tip of all the others, and once you do that, your gaming would he Herrera because FPS boost on your laptop.

One way to increase or improve your FPS would be to get an external GPU, you can see that this has nothing to do with the SSD, getting a graphics enclosure hooked up to your laptop is a modern way of improving your gaming experience.

There are other ways that include optimizing your game settings, this isn’t for every game since all games aren’t the same, but you could find a way to get to your game’s settings screen and dial down the image quality. This means you could change the quality from high to potentially, medium quality.

Although SSD doesn’t exactly improve your FPS, it could help a bit. If you’re using your HDD, it may help to switch to the SSD instead, this in no way guarantees sudden FPS improvement, but it will help your gaming experience in a lot of other ways.

Reducing the display resolution will significantly boost the frame rate making the game much smoother to play, a low resolution could have an impact on the FPS of your laptop, it seems like an ineffective plan, but it has been known to help.


The bottom line here is that there’s no particular correlation between the SSD and the FPS of your game, even if there was, the effect would be less than minimal. Getting an SSD for your gaming laptop is a great decision in a lot of ways, just not for your FPS in particular.

There are so many reasons why you should get an SSD for your gaming laptop, it will definitely load your game faster and even boot your OS a lot quicker, and there are so many benefits in store for everything you have stored up in the drive.

At the end of the day, if your focus on gaming is very intense, getting an SSD to install your games on could be much better than using the usual HDD, it is completely worth it and it will certainly improve your gaming load speed, but it won’t improve your FPS in the way you want it to.