Comcast Remote Codes 5 digit

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 23, 2022

Comcast remote codes 5 digits are many. They are a set of instructions that the Comcast customer service representative can use to change or update the settings on your device.

The Comcast remote codes can be useful if you have a different device that you want to use with Comcast service, or if you need to fix something on your cable box.

Comcast Remote Codes

Comcast is a large cable company that offers services like television, internet, and phone service. They also have their own remote codes that allow you to change settings on your TV, phone, and internet service.

Comcast also has a website that allows you to find the codes for any of its services.

Comcast Remote Codes are a set of instructions that allow you to access your Comcast account from anywhere in the world.

They can be used to change settings, view your account information, and more. If you have trouble accessing your Comcast account or want to troubleshoot any issues, these codes can help.

Benefits of Comcast Remote Codes

Comcast Remote Codes is a service that allows Comcast customers to program their TVs and other devices to turn on or off with just a few clicks. This prevents users from having to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to turn on a TV or device.

The codes can be programmed from either a computer or a phone, and they are usually easy to remember. Additionally, Comcast Remote Codes can help keep your family together during big family events like birthdays and holidays.

Tips for Using a Comcast Remote Code

Comcast offers a remote code to allow its customers to change certain settings on their Comcast accounts. Some of these settings include: subscribing to a service, changing your password, management of your account, and regulating your TV service.

Comcast’s remote code can be used to manage these settings in ways that are convenient for you and that work with the Comcast service.

Comcast offers a variety of remote codes that allow users to change various settings on their Comcast accounts. If you have trouble reaching your account or can’t seem to fix a problem, it may be helpful to try one of these codes.

Comcast Remote Codes provide a number of benefits to Comcast customers. For example, Comcast remote codes can save customers time when trying to fix a problem or change a setting. Additionally, Comcast remote codes can help protect customers’ privacy by allowing them to control their Comcast services from anywhere in the world.

How to Find Your Comcast Remote Code

Comcast has a range of remote codes to help users access their services. To find your Comcast remote code, you can use one of the following methods:

1) Look up your Comcast account number in the customer service manual or website;

2) Look up your Comcast remote on Comcast’s website;

3) Use a Comcast app to find your remote code;

4) Check with Comcast support for assistance.

Comcast Remote Codes 5 digit

Comcast Remote Codes 5 digit provide you with the ability to change your settings on your Comcast cable box and TV. This can include turning off your home screen, changing channels, or even changing the password. These codes are usually 5 digits long and can be found on the back of your Comcast cable box or in the remote control.

  1. LG-10178, 11265
  2. Panasonic-10051, 10250
  3. Samsung-10812, 10060
  4. Sanyo-10154, 10159
  5. Sony-10000, 11100
  6. Sharp-10093, 10165
  7. Toshiba-10156, 11156
  8. Vizio-11758, 11756
  9. Haier-11034, 10178, 11265, 10768 & 11009
  10. Hitachi-11145, 10145, 12243, 12143, 11904, 11345& 11960
  11. Philips-11454, 10054, 10037, 10690 & 11483
  12. Sansui-10463, 11409, 11904, 11911 & 11935
  13. Sanyo-10154, 10159


In conclusion, Comcast remote codes are 5 digits and can be used to activate or deactivate service. If you have any questions, please call customer service.