Sharp TV Remote Codes

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 23, 2022

Sharp TV remote codes are a backup plan for when your remote control gets lost or broken. By following these codes, you can easily access your entertainment center without having to remember the different combinations.

Introduction: What are Sharp TV Remote Codes?

Sharp TV remote codes are a way for you to control your television without having to remember any specific codes. By using the remote codes, you can change TV settings, turn on or off the television, and change the channel.

There are a variety of Sharp TV remote codes, so it’s important to find the code that corresponds to your model and TV type.

Also, TV remote codes are used to enable or disable specific features on television. Remote codes are also used to power down or enable TVs. The codes can be located on the front of the television or on the back of the television. There are many different TV remote code sets available, so it is important to find the right one for your TV.

What are TV Remote Codes?

TV remote codes are unique identifiers that allow you to change channels, turn on or off the TV, and other basic TV settings. By understanding TV remote codes, you can manage your TV more efficiently and easily.

Tips on How to Maintain Sharp TV

Sharp TV screens are known for their sharp images and clarity. However, maintaining the screen’s image and clarity can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help keep your Sharp TV in top condition:

1. Clean your screen regularly with a screen cleaning cloth or a water-based cleaner.

2. Be sure to keep your screen free of dust and other debris that can cause image degradation.

3. Change the air filter in your Sharp TV every three months.

4. Keep the television remote cord in a safe place.

5. Be sure to turn off your TV before cleaning or performing other household tasks.

6. Be sure to disconnect your TV’s power cord from the wall outlet before performing any household tasks, such as moving furniture or cleaning electrical outlets.

7. Don’t use chemicals that contain ammonia, “denatured” alcohol, bleach or chlorine-based cleaners to clean your Sharp TV screen.

Sharp TV Remote Codes

An increasing number of TVs now come with remote controls, which give users the ability to change channels, adjust the volume, and other functions.

However, not all TVs have the same code for changing TV settings, so it can be difficult to find the code for your TV. In order to simplify this process, here are some sharp tv remote codes.

3 Digit Code List

  1. 002
  2. 013
  3. 014
  4. 111
  5. 502
  6. 509
  7. 712
  8. 812
  9. 813
  10. 913
  11. 918

4 Digit Code List

  1. 0039
  2. 0093
  3. 0165
  4. 0386
  5. 1004
  6. 1009
  7. 1011
  8. 1025
  9. 1064
  10. 1077
  11. 1078
  12. 1081
  13. 1097
  14. 1099
  15. 1153
  16. 1157
  17. 1274
  18. 1298
  19. 1311
  20. 1312
  21. 1362
  22. 1375
  23. 1378


In conclusion, if you have a Sharp TV remote, be sure to keep the codes that your TV manufacturers provide. These codes can help you control your TV easier and faster.