Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player

by Samuel | Last Updated: September 23, 2022

Universal remote codes for LG DVD player; LG DVD Player supports universal remote codes. With these codes, you can control your player from any location in the world. This makes controlling your player easy and convenient.

LG DVD Player

LG DVD Player is a powerful and easy-to-use device that gives you a lot of features for your movies. It has a built-in player that can play DVDs, VHS tapes, and most digital media files. The player also has a digital audio output that lets you listen to audio CDs or music from your MP3 player or other digital audio devices.

LG DVD Player is a basic player that can play most DVDs. It has a digital interface and some features are added by LG such as “On Demand” which means you can watch the movie even if it’s not in your library.

What Are LG DVD Player Remote Codes and How Do They Work?

LG DVD player remote codes are used to control the player’s playbacks. They vary in their complexity, but all allow you to select specific files or folders to be played back. Some also have features that allow you to pause and resume playback, and some even have built-in security features.

To learn more about LG DVD player remote codes, take a look at our article on the different types of codes available.

When a code is entered, the TV will start playback automatically and will continue to do so until the code is changed or the TV is turned off. The remote can also be used for other purposes such as changing the channel, controlling playback speed, or even remotely turning on or off the TV.

How To Use LG DVD Player Remote Codes?

LG DVD players offer a wide range of features, but one of the more popular ones is their remote codes. With these codes, you can control your player from a distance.

Whether you’re at home or in another room, you can use these codes to change the music, pause or play videos, or even turn on or off the player.

Furthermore, to use them, you need to have the LG DVD player software installed on your computer. Once you have it installed, open the LG DVD player software and look for the “Code” tab. Under this tab, you will see a list of code numbers.

What Benefits Can You Get From Using LG DVD Player Remote Codes?

LG DVD Player remote codes can provide a variety of benefits to users. By using these codes, users can control their player from a distance, allowing them to play DVDs at their leisure. Additionally, by using LG DVD Player remote codes, users can customize their player with additional features and settings.

Also, LG DVD Player remote codes allow you to access features that are not available on the DVD player itself.

For example, you can change the language on your DVD player or change the size of the display. These remote codes can make your DVD player experience more enjoyable and useful.

Universal Remote Codes for LG DVD Player

4 Universal Remote Digit Code List

  1. 0591
  2. 0741
  3. 0571
  4. 0801
  5. 1906
  6. 0869
  7. 1983
  8. 2039
  9. 2270
  10. 2297
  11. 2303
  12. 2339
  13. 2352
  14. 2363
  15. 2368
  16. 2371
  17. 2418

4 Digit Code List ONN

  1. 2635
  2. 4285
  3. 3915
  4. 2335
  5. 2555
  6. 2565
  7. 0205
  8. 0635
  9. 1565
  10. 2925
  11. 3785
  12. 3885


In conclusion, LG DVD player users can use universal remote codes to control the player from different devices. This allows users to control the player from a variety of locations, making it easier to manage and operate the player.